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The magazine is packed with highly detailed information to help printers take the right decisions for their business. Each month it provides food for thought, strategic thinking and analysis on a broad spectrum of topics. But until now once published those articles may have been lost. No longer. Print Business Online will build into a vital archive of high value content for businesses that are making the decisions on which their future depends.

It is arranged for easy navigation combining news updates, revealing interviews, videos and analysis into a first line resource for the industry.



FORWARD THINKING PRINTING is an event in central London designed to provide printers with ideas and inspiration in an environment of shared experience and networking. They will come away with an abundance of information, delivered to them in a mixture of formal and informal channels.

TAKING PLACE ON 10 JULY 2014 the day will comprise six panel discussions, each of which is sponsored by a company which is expert in the topic for discussion. Each panel will be made up of a representative of the sponsor and three experts and end users.

Each panel session will open with a keynote address by the chairman, Gareth Ward, editor of Print Business. Each panelist will have a few minutes to introduce themselves and talk about their relationship to the discussion subject. There will then follow 25 minutes of questioning of the panel by the chairman who will throw the discussion open to the audience. Each panel session will last for a total of 45 minutes.

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