Route 1 is in the fast lane of UK print growth

A pair of graduates from Bristol University could have gone in any direction. So how did James Kinsella and Adam Carnell come to set up England’s fastest growing online print business?

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Opal Print crafts a quality first approach to printing

Opal Print near Bath wants to produce the finest quality work it can, not ignoring the need to deliver across all sectors of the market.

FE Burman delivers unique take on poster printing for Wallpaper

Iconic magazine Wallpaper wanted something special to celebrate its 20th anniversary and FE Burman, thanks to HP Mosaic technology, has delivered.

HP sets its sights on litho printing

The HP PageWide T490 is the flagship of the company’s inkjet web press fleet and a press that is positioned to accelerate the conversion of offset pages to digital.

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