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12 February 2018

Heidelberg displays engineering skills

Will Heidelberg's Subscription concept prove a game changer or an idea hedged with too many caveats to make a real impact?

Litho press manufacturers have long been envious of their digital counterparts. Thanks to an unnamed genius in Xerox's early days, digital press users have adopted the click charge business model, first developed to make it easier to sell copiers to a market unsure of their value. Ever since printer, consumables and service have been locked together to the revenue benefit of the supplier. Even now Xerox service and consumables revenues outweigh the revenue from equipment sales.

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22 January 2018

New generation needs schooling

The training crisis in print is widely recognised, but worse is the absence of training for those we hope will buy print.

The industry faces a crisis caused by the absence of training for the fresh faced entrants to the industry and the lack of skills that result. But this is not just a crisis caused by the lack of press and finishing skills: it is a crisis caused by the lack of knowledge among those expected to specify and buy print.

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15 January 2018

All the news that's fit to keep in print

The Guardian has changed format, prompting thoughts about the future for newspapers.

In 1988 at the launch of the striking David Hillman redesign of the Guardian, I asked the then editor Peter Preston why the paper had not followed some leading European titles in opting for a tabloid format. “This country is not ready for a serious tabloid,” he said in answer. Today, just a few days, after Preston’s death, the Guardian is going tabloid.

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08 January 2018

Listen out for those new opportunities

People have made resolutions for themselves and their businesses which will involve some mighty challenge. But smaller changes can be more effective.

New years are new beginnings and are a time for hope if not outright optimism. They should also be times for change, dropping old habits and adopting new ways – out with the litho and in with the inkjet so to speak. The important thing is not the precise technology, but that things should not stay the same. Opportunities stem from change.

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