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13 November 2017

Harvey is not welcome here

There is no Harvey Weinstein in the printing industry. Leeches like Robert Maxwell died off years ago and the opportunity to run a web offset factory simply was not considered either a suitable chat up line or even thinkable. But 30 or so years ago practices where women buyers might be offered the opportunity to negotiate a better price on a job or for those in sales to secure the order were rife.

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04 September 2017

Requiem for a stalwart of print

The demise of the printed Yellow Pages is no surprise. The once hefty directory, delivered to every household in the country, has gone the way of the rotary dial phone handset. Many years ago Yellow Pages led the way in computerised typesetting and page make up thanks to pioneering work at PindarSet. Today there is as much computing power in a smart phone as was needed to typeset Yellow Pages. Times have changed.

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29 August 2017

Back to school with enthusiasm

As we send the kids back to school, perhaps we should also be thinking about learning more.

As the Bank Holiday passes, parents and their children prepare for the return to school. The one group bemoans the cost of uniforms and scholastic equipment, the other group is hopefully keen to learn new things. In a few weeks, university and college students will in their turn be heading off for new experience and courses. But all too often once the exams have been passed and the certificates received, education is considered done with.

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20 August 2017

Letter from the future

By some quirk in the space-time continuum, this letter arrived from 2042 last week.

Do you remember the day the A Level results came out back in 2017? That was 25 years ago now and failure to get into that first choice university must have been a bit of a shock. But I bet you’re quite glad that you failed to get the grades and that you didn’t go through clearing to get on a meaningless course in an out of the way institution. And I bet you’re glad you decided to take up a career in the printing industry instead.

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