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10 April 2017

Kodak plays hand for the long term

The decision by Kodak to withdraw its Prosper inkjet business from sale is the right one and a master stroke for the reborn business, even if shareholder reaction suggests they are not as keen to welcome this prodigal son back into the fold. It was pressure from the financial community that had funded Kodak’s re-emergence from Chapter 11 which forced the business to remove Prosper from the balance sheet and prepare it for sale just over a year ago, so the reception was not unexpected. They still have doubts if Kodak itself does not.

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03 April 2017

The panopticon of the bar room sage

The industry is full of opinionated folk prepared to render judgement on failed companies, but are they are able to see everything they need to?

The demise of Anton Group has allowed the beermat management consultants, of which is this industry suffers an overcapacity, to have a field day. In bars, on websites, in emails and the aisles of exhibitions they will shake their heads and explain why the collapse was inevitable, how the company made what were obviously wrong choices, and how the company was clearly pricing below cost. Without, of course, being privvy what its costs were or how they were calculated.

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06 March 2017

Shopping for ideas

A visit to Packaging Innovations last week, led to thoughts of how packaging is by its nature highly varied.

Packaging Innovations lived up to its name last week with all manner of innovations in packaging – in glass, plastics and in cartons. All are designed to lift the appeal of the product contained inside the box or bottle. This came through the application of print and finishes, the shapes and materials used. Stands were demonstrating how their products could increase the appeal and therefore the sales of a product.

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27 February 2017

Inkjet printing works. What happens now?

The idea that high speed inkjet printing can one day be an acceptable match for offset litho quality on the same papers that offset printers and their customers are used to, is no longer just an idea. That day has arrived. Canon, Screen, Ricoh, Kodak, Xerox and HP have joined Indigo and Xeikon in being able to print litho quality on reels of standard offset papers. That is the easy part.

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