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13 February 2017

The colour is the message

Printers understand brand colours. That is, printers are expert at replicating the brand colours of its customers using spot colours, extended gamut inks and standard CMYK. Few give any thought as to the purpose of these oranges, blues and reds, except perhaps to make life difficult in printing them. But when it comes to their own visual identity printers seem to prefer to display some variation on CMYK.

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06 February 2017

After the Swiss snow melts away

The weather forecast for Lucerne in two weeks' time is decidedly snowy. That is no surprise: winter in Switzerland is supposed to be cold and white. At that time, Lucerne's exhibition centre will be hosting the Hunkeler Innovation Days, the first industry exhibition of 2017 and arguably the most significant event outside Drupa. In a fortnight it will also be the start of Lucerne's carnival, the signal that winter is ending and that spring, perhaps 40 days distant, is coming.

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30 January 2017

Set sail with the figureheads

The figurehead used to be the carved representation of a woman, a sea spirit or mythical entity at the prow of a sailing ship. It always pointed the way the vessel was headed and embodied the destiny of the crew and the ship itself. It's no surprise that the concept slipped into business. The figurehead became the person who embodies the culture, sets the direction and in whose hands the future is vested. The figurehead is recognisable to those in the business and to those it deals with.

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23 January 2017

Double acts can have more impact

Top sales executives prefer to work alone. They are the hunters while the account executives are the farmers, nurturing the order through to invoice, filling in the details that the sales super star who has captured the client has somehow forgotten to collect in their haste to close another big deal. Consequently it is easy to forgive. That was how it used to be and still is for many printers, just look at adverts seeking sales staff that can bring orders worth hundreds of thousands if not more. But these companies are missing out.

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