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17 July 2017

Lazy days of sporting success

Days of sport can be an absolute inspiration for businesses. Watch and learn.

It has been a tremendous weekend to watch sport: the Wimbledon finals, British Grand Prix, second cricket test, Tour de France not forgetting the World Para-athletics championships in London. Only the Open Golf and women's Euro football tournament are missing and both take place this week. What makes viewing top quality sport so compelling is the will to succeed and the excellence of the performances – the culmination of hours of training and preparation.

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03 July 2017

Time to get out of the house

UK printers seem reluctant to leave the factory and seek out new facts.

The advertising world was last week enjoying the sunshine and congratulations at Lions Cannes, its annual get together for awards, presentations and networking. The presentations were sometimes deep and academic because the industry likes to think of itself in that way. UK Print in contrast can barely scrape a quorum for any kind of event where there is a risk that someone might discover something new (other than the piece of technology the speaker is presenting, but that is not guaranteed).

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26 June 2017

All eyes on Dusseldorf

Le Grand Départ happens in Dusseldorf this week with sport highlighting the importance of teamwork.

The great sporting summer is beginning to get underway. Wimbledon starts next week, cricket tests are edging closer and over in Dusseldorf, a year after the printing industry left town, the greatest of them all, the Tour de France rolls out on Saturday. Each of these (and others) demonstrates the importance of teamwork, including the seemingly individual sports of tennis and road cycling.

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19 June 2017

The devil in the detail

As Brexit negotiations begin, the role of the EU in setting packaging standards becomes clear.

Brexit negotiations begin this week with all the drama and slog, the intrigue and betrayal, demands and concessions that this entails. If a successful Brexit results, printers can anticipate reduced paper costs thanks to lower cost imports from China: there is very little UK paper industry to protect. But the loss of the single market will have deeper consequences.

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