General Data Protection Regulation: opportunity for print

This could be the biggest boost to printed direct mail for a generation. There is no escape from its tentacles. It will limit how email, SMS and other digital communications can be used. If you hold personal data of any kind it is going to affect your business. But it will not stop print.

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Time for cutting to come out of the shadows

The guillotine has been neglected for too long, taken for granted and something that is scarcely worth paying attention to. But it is time to look again at this ugly ducking process.

Horizon shows next generation of leaders

The new Horizon StitchLiner is already making waves as printers find out about a machine that has the ease of use of existing lines with more robustness, flexibility and becomes a true industrial machine.

PDF 2.0 brings promise of consistency

There should be no more inconsistent rendering as PDF 2.0 sets out to eliminate choices in how to interpret a file.

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