18 June 2017 Finishing

Alltrade Printers makes it a date with Renz Inline 500

Leading calendar printer Alltrade has installed the UK's largest Renz system to date.

Alltrade Printers has completed the largest installation for Renz UK at its Birmingham premises with a fully automate Inline 500 wire binding line.

It joins a similar machine installed at the company 12 years ago. “It is more automated and has better software than the first,” says managing director Dilu “Terry” Mukadam. The machine will cope with expanding demands from the core calendar business where Alltrade Printers is the largest producer in the UK of retail calendars.

The £185,000 investment includes a fully automated punching unit, Quick Size Adjustment to cope with different paper sizes and KAS calendar hanger system which takes straight wire, forms and adds a standard or euro profile hanger.

Mukadam says: “The calendar season is getting later which results in a bigger workload spike. We needed a system that would support that demand for greater capacity. It is also so flexible that we can use if for the increasing amount book work we handle outside of the calendar season. That allows us to better manage the workflow. Sixty percent of our work will now go on both Renz lines.”

The investment marks a return to Renz. Subsequent to the first installation, the company has bought other calendar machines. These remain as, says Mukadam, having the necessary capacity for the brief season when the bulk of litho calendars are produced is vital. Turnaround times are regularly three days.

“The new Renz will allow us to do that. It is also quicker to makeready which supports highly efficient operation. We expect to achieve ROI in two-and-half-years,” he adds. “Now with both Renz systems we have the capacity to produce 30,000 calendars in a 24-hour period.”

But there is more to be done with wire binding, such as handbooks, manuals and diary products, for example. The capacity increase, thanks to the new line, can be directed towards expanding the market for these products.”

Renz is more used to printers with lower volume requirements, particularly digital printers. However, as these companies have expanded the popularity of the Inline 500 has increased sharply.

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It's a date

It's a date

Terry Mukadam and Lee Sherburn Renz service manager seal the deal for the latest Inline 500 added to the Alltrade line up for calendar finishing. The Birmingham company has become the largest producer of retail calendars in the UK it says.

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