01 October 2017 Digital Printing Technologies

CS Labels signs up to beta new Xeikon platform

CS Labels will put the CX500 wide web digital press through its paces as one of the beta sites for the new machine as Xeikon expands on a wider front.

Xeikon produced a clutch of new products at Labelexpo, the PX2000 which is a junior version of the pre-announced PX3000 inkjet press, both as four- and now five-colour machines and the CX500 toner machine as a big brother to the CX3.

Needless to say the first beta of the wider CX500 press is heading to CS Labels which has previously been the beta site for what is now the CX3.

Like that machine this is a press capable of running 30m/min, but on a wider reel, up to 520mm. It has, however, a changed print engine design to bring the print system up to specifications suitable for Industry 4.0. This includes components that are easier to access and so easier for on site replacement. Both will deliver greater up time for users.

CS Labels has also operated the previous generations of 500mm wide Xeikon. Managing director Simon Smith says: “We are familiar with the advantages of a wider web digital press, having two Xeikon 3500 presses. Now that Xeikon has introduced the Xeikon CX500, we want reap the benefits of this new platform. The enhancements Xeikon brings into this new platform are really impressive, it is a new generation platform indeed.

“We don’t just offer digitally printed labels, we offer complete digital solutions and always explore new opportunities like flexible packaging, pouches etc. As the market continues to evolve, we will stay true to our ethos of letting technology drive our innovation.

“We have an excellent and long term technology partnership with Xeikon. Deciding for the beta testing of the Xeikon CX500 was a no brainer for us. It is basically a next, logical expansion of our machine park and it perfectly fits in the long term business strategy for our company.”

The speed and width should increase the appeal to companies wanting to produce flexile packaging digitally, and a version of the same print engine able to print on both sides of the web could revitalise Xeikon's appeal for commercial and direct mail printers.

The new platform is 47% more productive than the CX3 says the company, up to 80% more than narrow width machines. At Labelexpo it was running reel to reel where Xeikon, at home on the Flint stand, was also running the first digital embellishment units within its Fusion concept.

Flint digital print division chief executive Benoit Chatelard says: “We will focus our efforts on graphic arts with the ability to produce high speed, high quality, high value documentation.

“Our R&D team tells us there’s still a good potential in terms of enhancing quality, speed and productivity with electrophotography.”

The company is, however, no long playing one tune. It now has two inkjet presses, one for high throughput, and the other the PX2000 as the entry level machine. “We can offer both electrophotographic and inkjet. Our value to the industry is to be agnostic,” he says. “We aim to be the industry’s solutions provider. It means building an inkjet competence centre, it means working with Flint, it means expansion in Asia and the Americas.

“The inkjet solutions that exist today do not meet business expectations of the industry.”

Xeikon will use its X800 digital front end to drive both toner and inkjet presses, so that customers wanting to add inkjet to address the markets that are more suited to inkjet labels, can do so without running parallel workflows.

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CS Labels

CS Labels

Having installed two CX3s and with experience of running the wider web 3500, CS Labels was a natural to install the new press that Xeikon introduced at Labelexpo.

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