24 September 2017 Print Companies

Henry Ling doubles down on litho investments

Books and journals printer Henry Ling is converting a colour Heidelberg to LE-UV while upgrading its mono sections machine.

Henry Ling is installing a two-colour perfecting Heidelberg Speedmaster SX102 to replace a perfecting press of a previous vintage. And at the same time the company is adding LE-UV to an existing five-colour SM102 perfecting press.

This will be handled by IST-UV, which provides the new LE-UV systems to Heidelberg as well as carrying out retrofits of the technology. The appeal to the books and journal printer is to offer a similar turnaround time that publishers receive when Henry Ling uses its digital presses.

By printing covers and sections on the litho press, they will be just as dry as those coming from the Canon CS3700, but at longer runs. Managing director Helen Kennett says: “This investment shows our continuing faith in litho.

“We have Canon inkjet and HP Indigo technology but we need litho. Although the breakpoint between litho and digital does depend on the amount of colour and number of pages in a job, the average cost per copy breakpoint we put at 400 to 500 sheets.”

And while the cost of UV ink is acknowledged to be more expensive than standard paste inks, it remains less expensive than inkjet ink for the equivalent coverage.

The inkjet press will deliver a collated and folded section while the offset printed sheet will still need to be folded and gathered before binding, but the press will run faster and thanks to a completely dry sheet, folding can begin immediately. The digital job heads for a Tecnau line, the litho for a Kolbus binder.

The move to UV printing will also match the company environmental ethos. The pressroom will be cleaner without spray powders and the LE-UV requires less energy to run than a conventional IR/hot air dryer.

The two-colour SX102P will run text sections where there are few drying issues and no need for UV curing. It will however deliver faster make readies and a higher throughput, as well as greater reliability, than the press it is replacing.

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Twin investment

Twin investment

Henry Ling will join printers in the West Country with UV printing when it adds an IST UV LE-UV system to a five colour Speedmaster. The Dorchester books and journals printer has also decided to upgrade its mono litho production with a new two unit perfecting SX102.

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