10 September 2017 Print Companies

Imprint renews screen print lines to join inkjet line up

Imprint, the display arm of Pureprint, is upgrading its screen print arm to match expansion in inkjet.

Pureprint is buying a new large format press for its Imprint operation in Newcastle. But rather than add to its line up of Inca Onset, EFI Vutek or Fuji Acuity presses, the company is buying a new screen press.

It has taken delivery of a two-colour Sias with a bed size of 1,500x2,350mm to run alongside a large format screen press installed earlier. It follows a year after the company added an EFI Vutek HS125 to its Onsets and complemented that with a line up of finishing equipment.

And despite the advances in inkjet printing and its advantages in short run production, screen printing still has an important place says Imprint managing director Dave Bullivant. “Screen printing is an integral part of creative visual communication, despite the fact that many foresaw its demise or its more limited use with the arrival of digital printing. When it came down to it, however, screen printing proved to be an irreplaceable printing method, which continues to develop, producing better and cheaper products, using ever more environmentally friendly methods and with a broader scope of materials that cannot currently be printed with the digital process.

Screen inks can include high impact fluorescents, metallics, rub off, glitters and other varnishes and high areas of solid colour which can be problematic for inkjet.

“There are many advantages to using screen printing,” he says. “The main advantage is the unique visual result it creates. The inks used are very durable, the colours are extremely vivid, particularly for outdoor uses, making this a unique reproduction technique and when combining this with digital technology and the creative opportunities the only limits are imagination.”

Imprint does not have large format litho printing having moved from screen printing, where it began, to inkjet. In 2014 it became part of the Pureprint Group, focusing on retail displays and point of sale. It has developed Additions as an in-house tool to help customers manage promotional campaigns and plans to unleash Store Smart as a new module for Additions in the coming weeks.

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inkjet site

Imprint is investing in its screen printing arm to match investment that it has made in inkjet in recent years. There is still a strong place for screen printing says managing director David Bullivant.

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