05 February 2017 Events

Ipex scoops participation of Dscoop

The UK branch of the Dscoop organisation will stage its 2017 UK event at the NEC during Ipex.

The UK chapter of Dscoop is to run as part of Ipex, a coup for show organiser Informa. It will have a “significant presence” at the show.

Dscoop is the HP users group which has grown exponentially in recent years with major events in three parts of the world, the Americas, Asia and more recently Europe. Users gather for a series of presentations on business and technology, hear from senior HP executives, join workshops and look at partner stands offering equipment and services from prepress to finishing.

This mix of stands will be in place at Ipex easing the strain on the UK chapter which would not have been able to organise this kind of spread. It will however, be staging network meetings, seminars and workshops during Ipex, some open to general visitors.

Aaron Archer, chairman of Dscoop UK, says: “Ipex is a welcome platform for Dscoop to organise its third event in the UK. We are delighted to be working with the Ipex team to promote our core theme of innovating print together.”

UK printers have been prominent in the overall organisation with Precision Printing managing director Gary Peeling becoming chairman of Dscoop worldwide. Likewise Julian Marsh, ProCo’s Jon Bailey and Jon and Adrian Tolley from Prime Group have been active

While Dscoop started as an organisation for Indigo users, it has expanded its remit to include first continuous feed inkjet and now high volume wide format inkjet. Its European meeting this year takes place in Lyon, France, on 5-7 June.

The growth in popularity and language issues in Europe has meant the creation of daughter organisations at a country level which would be able to meet more frequently. While the Ipex meeting is focused on the needs of the UK membership, its sessions will be open to Dscoop members from across the EMEA region and beyond.

It is this networking that has been valuable to participants, many forging international relationships that have become part of their business offering.

From the Ipex side, event director Rob Fisher says: “Dscoop’s broad spectrum approach is complimentary to the vision we have for Ipex; showing print in action, fostering links between creative and print industries and providing visitors with the opportunity to learn new skills.”

Informa is still trying to convince HP as a company to participate in the show which opens on 31 October.

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On the way to Ipex

On the way to Ipex

Dscoop's UK chapter will stage its meeting at Ipex at the NEC this year, with workshops and seminars that general visitors may be able to participate in.

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