08 April 2015 Finishing

Multi-finisher delivers hands off appeal

London digital printer Clicks is building a new direct to consumer business around the capability of its Duplo DC646 Pro multi-finisher.

Clicks is working with two online photo apps, Pryynt and Square Snaps, to capture print work from mobile phones and social media via user friendly interfaces that upload images to a server and for Clicks to download print and finish these. It reckons that nine months after introduction, there are 100,000 images uploaded a month.

For the print company the investment in the Duplo DC646 has combined different prices steps and shaved vast amounts of time from production. “The Duplo has been the ideal solution for these high volume applications” said Clicks managing director Alan Rigglesford.

“It has been a breath of fresh air, enabling my staff to reduce turnaround times from two to three hours to about 20 minutes on general work so we have no bottleneck at all. It’s been a revelation. Once the Duplo reaches capacity, I won’t hesitate in buying another one.

“We print all the jobs on one sheet, then feed three sheets into the machine and then trim. It’s all done automatically and there is virtually no wastage. It takes less than a minute to complete the three-sheet job compared to at least seven to ten minutes when it was done manually and when you’d have to be so careful to ensure accuracy.”

Clicks has also ordered a second Lumejet S200 to offer the highest possible quality for photo products and to run alongside its Indigo machines.

Rigglesford says of the LumeJet: “This output quality liberates designers from any concern about optimum output resolution for text or photographic images – it will effectively ‘print anything’. This means that the traditional restrictions of ‘designing for print’ can be cast aside allowing for a truly unrestricted creative approach to meeting a customer’s vision and requirements in a compelling and innovative way.”

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Alan Rigglesford

Alan Rigglesford

"The Duplo has been the ideal solution for these high volume applications," says Clicks managing director Alan Rigglesford

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