18 December 2016 Print Companies

Offset Printing and Packaging becomes second with new 12647 certificate

Kent carton printer has been awarded the BPIF's Technical Compliance Certificate, only the second company with the standard.

Offset Printing and Packaging has become only the second company to receive the BPIF’s 12647 Technical Compliance Certificate, colour standard, proving that the company can print to the ISO 12647-2 standard.

The certificate was devices as an accessible way for printing companies to achieve excellent colour standards without engaging in the full Ukas audited BPIF ISO 12647 standard. It is a stepping stone towards the more involved accreditation.

Vince Brearey, joint managing director of Offset Printing and Packaging, says: “This accreditation, along with our ISO 9001 and 14001 accreditations, demonstrates that Offset Printing and Packaging operate to the very highest of standards, which is reassuring to all our current customer base and also highlights our credentials to potential clients.

“More of more of the customers we deal with are asking about ISO 12647. It is good for our customers, for our own satisfaction and good for waste levels. It demonstrates what we can do for our customers.”

The standard requires strict adherence to ink weights, dot gain curves and maintenance of presses to ensure the consistency that is at the heart of the standard. It has also required some interpretation as the ISO is written for sheetfed printers working with paper to a known brightness and whiteness. It does not cover cartonboard, which can show different types of white, from reddish to blueish, says Breary.

This does not negate the value to either the company or its customers. “We can prove to our customers that we are working to an accurate standard.”

More customers are specifying the standard for their printing in different parts of the work and are coming to expect the consistency from their suppliers that this represents. It is also helped by the drive towards smaller orders and reprints.

The Aylesford company has been working towards the qualification for about a year, Brearey says. “There has been a lot of learning involved. We want to let that settle before we push on for the next level.”

There have already been benefits though it is too soon to quantify the impact on waste levels. “That is too soon to say, but we have received fewer complaints from customers,” he says. “This is now about educating our customers and reassuring them that we are printing to the quality they require.”

The consultancy needed to prepare for the testing was provided by the BPIF in conjunction with Sun Chemical. BPIF south east regional director Bob Davies says: “I am delighted that Offset Printing and Packaging have been awarded the BPIF’s 12647 Technical Compliance Certificate. It is a reflection of their constant efforts to meet the highest standards for their customers – and supporting our members to achieve their full potential is what the BPIF is all about.”

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Vince Brearey

Vince Brearey

Offset Printing and Packaging has achieved the BPIF’s 12647 Technical Compliance Certificate for ISO 121647 and will let this settle before pressing on to work towards the full Ukas endorsed BPIF ISO standard.

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