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First for Leeds printer links punch to delivery

Penstripe has connected a Renz punch and Palmides stacker to increase efficiency for school production.

Leeds printer and publisher Penstripe has become the first in the world to link a Renz punching system with a Palamides delivery system.

The breakthrough connection is between a Renz AP-360 heavy duty punch and the Palmides Alpha-Plus delivery stacker, more usually seen attached to high speed folders. The benefit, however, is the same.

The combination automates handling and enables the punching process to run with fewer operators and to switch swiftly between jobs. “We saw an opportunity to increase efficiency and product consistency by fully automating the delivery on our Renz punch,” says head of procurement Charles Hewines.

The first AP360 had been modified to suit the company’s requirements on installation seven years ago, so it was no surprise for Renz to be asked to link to the delivery unit. There needed to be both a mechanical and electronic connection between the two pieces of equipment.

Renz UK managing director Iain Bullock says: “Our innovations are always customer driven and it is the case with Penstripe. Now we know the AP360 and the Alpha-Plus work well together it’s an option with great future potential.”

Penstripe has specialised in producing course planners for teachers and students in secondary school. These were introduced as a means of improving record keeping during the 1990s and Penstripe now prints and publishes a wide range of these, customisable for schools and personalised to students.

This has fed into designs for wire bound products for corporate customers and for general sale, and even into devising apps to accompany the physical record books.

The focus on these products means that while some runs can be long, when punching litho printed sections, other batches that include bespoke digital elements can be rather more limited in run length.

The AP360 is appreciated for its ability to switch between set ups quickly, says Hewines. “It’s flexible in many ways, there are many punching patterns and it has the ability to disengage sections of the punch to allow for custom hole configurations. Also, the machine is capable of punching thicker substrates of up to 800 micron, which would be unusual, but we pride ourselves on being a ‘can do’ company which relishes a challenge.”

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Charles Hewines

Charles Hewines

Penstripe has linked the Renz AP360 punching unit to a Palamides stacker to increase productivity, reduce handling and deliver a better quality, more consistent product.

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