08 October 2017 Print Companies

Springfield eyes embellishment after low migration inkjet investment

Springfield Solutions is preparing to install the world's first TPJ350 UV +LM and is already looking for its next investment.

Springfield Solutions will take delivery of the world’s first Screen TruepressJet 350 UV +LM inkjet label press at its Hull factory in November.

The machine is the first to include a new low migration UV ink that is cured under nitrogen and then passed over chill rollers. It opens the way to print on thinner substrates as well as food labels. “We can move these across to the new press,” says joint managing director Matt Dass. “And because it prints on thinner substrates we have the potential to look at that market as well.”

Screen offers orange as an option on the press as well as white, but Springfield has declined this option. “We feel that we are getting the results we need through existing technologies, using our colour management expertise,” says Dass. Its colour expertise stems from its early days as a repro house and has been extended to offer complete brand management and control over artwork printed across the world. Four colour provides greater control over this.

There is more to it, Dass continues: “We want to be the most efficient we can be.” That means being able to switch jobs between presses and achieving the same result. “We do not want to be creating problems for ourselves.”

The press is replacing the latest of the standard TPJ 350 UV machines and will run inline to a Digicon finishing unit. As the press can run at 60m/min and the AB Graphics equipment tops out at 50m/min discussions will be needed. Dennis Ebeltoft, joint managing director, is already leading these. “We want to use that extra 10m/min and we’re looking at different options,” he says.

He is also looking at embellishment options having seen some of the technology being introduced at Labelexpo. It is not something that Springfield's customers are pushing for, though the sales team likes the idea of being able to offer says Dass. “Anything would have to be capable of working as efficiently as possible and not disrupt a facility which believe is the most efficient digital operation possible,” he says. “It’s about finding the right digital embellishment solution that fits with the existing workflow.”

For Ebeltoft the simplest solution may be a digital spot varnish approach using one of the printbar units that are now available. “That technology does not look as if it is too far off,” he says.

First comes the new press. It will need some kind of nitrogen generation unit which is currently under consideration. “We will run for three or four months to see how it’s bedding in,” says Dass, “then look to take a decision on the next step.”

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Carlo Sammarco, Screen Europe; Dennis Ebeltoft, Springfield Solutions; Matt Dass, Springfield Solutions; Steve Nix, Springfield Solutions, Bui Burke, Screen Europe; line up at Labelexpo as Springfield confirms that it will be the first in the world to install the TPJ L350 UV +LM, curing in a nitrogen atmosphere to ensure a complete cure.

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