09 October 2017 xDigital Printing Technologies

Campbell's Choice: Greetings card with foil

Ricoh's C7110x is one of the most versatile print platforms there is. Each month Ricoh's Customer Experience Centre manager Andy Campbell talks through one of his favourite examples of print.

This month’s Campbell's Choice is a high impact greetings card using foil and Color-Logic to create something that is very much out of the ordinary.

The first step is to laminate the card used, providing a tactile finish and protecting the textured card underneath, Insize Modigliani 330gsm which is 460 microns thick, while the rest of the card is printed. The first pass through the Ricoh Pro C7100x is used to print a black image only where the silver is needed. This allows the Kurz digital metal to lay down a silver foil on the printed area. Under pressure and heat the foil adheres to the softened black toner.

The image has been processed through the Color-Logic software. This gives designs a full set of Pantone metallics to play with calculating how to create the separations for each colour for the four colour version of the job file.

This is sent to the press for the next pass through printing CMYK over the foil and generating a premium greetings card that looks like it has been foiled from top to bottom. And which can achieve a premium price.

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Foiling enhances card

Foiling enhances card

The card has been produced using laminated foil and four-colour overprinting.

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