15 September 2014 Finishing

Duplo readies the iSaddlefor autumn launch

Duplo has a new flagship saddle stitching machine pitched at litho and digital printers.

DUPLO IS ABOUT TO LAUNCH THE iSaddle, a saddlestitcher capable of working from both digital and offset printed sheets which becomes the flagship model in its stitching line up. Last week the company posted a video to YouTube and is likely to unveil the machine at the London Calling event next month.

Duplo is positioning the iSaddle as a machine for the printer requiring short runs and needing to work with litho and digitally printed sheets. It is a successor to the DBMi, which is now being withdrawn from the product range. It is not as yet the long-awaited replacement for the Alphasaddle, a more complex machine which achieved a handful of beta installations in the UK and elsewhere but has never been released for widespread sale.

IN THE MEANTIME THE ISADDLE will satisfy customers looking to move up from the System 5000 and other bookletmakers from Duplo.

There is a single feed point, either a DSF2200 digital sheet feeder whose operation is triggered by 1-D or 2-D barcodes and optical mark recognition, or up to four collating towers. A Duetto version combines the digital sheet feeder and the collating towers.

OPERATION IS THROUGH A TOUCH panel control, setting up from scratch or from memory. Once set, joggers, stitching heads scoring wheels and trimming blades take 60 seconds to move into position. The sheets are fed on the short edge for a standard portrait product into a turning unit where they are moved into a jogger to ensure alignment before passing through scoring wheels and into a plowfold unit before dropping on the saddle accumulator. Manual adjustment is position through unlocking the turning unit enabling the operator to correct for skewing or other feeding issues.

Once a product has been built up, it passes under two, three or four Hohner stitching heads and into the trimming section. First comes a fore edge trim then top and bottom. A gutter trim is also possible to give two up output at a maximum speed of 9,000 booklets an hour to a delivery table.

THE ISADDLE IS ALSO ABLE TO produce A4 landscape format brochures and will produce books to 120pp on suitable paper. Maximum book size is 356mm x 508mm to a minimum of 105mm x 210mm or to a 174mm x 254mm landscape product. Paper range is from 60-300gsm using the digital feeder or 52-300gsm on the collating towers.

The DC 10/60i towers can be set for selective bin feeding, multi sheet feed with an air management system to ensure consistent feeding.

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The iSaddle offers up to four Hohner stitching heads.

The iSaddle offers up to four Hohner stitching heads.