06 February 2017 Print Companies

Rigglesford teams up with Kingswood iOptus

Alan Rigglesford was swamped with offers after the demise of Clicks. Now he has started work at expanding digital and large format printer Kingswood iOptus.

Alan Rigglesford has joined Kingswood iOptus as managing director of the Kingswood large format division.

The move comes less than a week after Rigglesford placed Clicks in administration and is unconnected with that move. “This is my first day working alongside Rob Long, group managing director of Kingswood iOptus,” says Rigglesford. “I have received 23 job offers from different parts of the industry over the last week, but I’ve been friends with Rob more more than a year and always said that if anything happened to Clicks, he would be in pole position.”

For his part Rob Long says: “I've been a huge admirer of Alan and his work in the industry over many years.

“We are all aware of the difficulties that the current marketplace is having on print companies especially in London, thanks to rising costs and the threat of online competition but Alan and I share the belief that there is a future for a premium service provider where location is still essential.

“There was always an understanding that if Clicks came to be in a difficult situation, we would be there. We feel there is synergy between us.”

Kingswood iOptus started Kingswood Display as a large format operation operating from Swanley in addition to the Clifton Street, London EC2, premises last year. That, says Long, was a major factor in Rigglesford's decision to join the business. Rigglesford will work across both operations and will be part of expanding the Kingswood business.

Both recognise that further opportunities are likely to emerge in the coming months and the business will be positioned to exploit them. It will also be adding to the management team and investing in additional equipment “after a period of assessing what is needed” says Long.

“This is a great way to improve the Kingswood business, taking it on to a new level with the stature of people like Alan.”

Clicks had taken advice at the end of last year and considered a prepack arrangement, but ended up in administration. With many companies looking to pick over any clients from Clicks over the last week, Rigglesford is now trying to secure business for his new employer. “It is unbelievable how loyal customers are,” he says.

Many of the people from Clicks have found work with other companies if not Kingswood with Rigglesford saying that he spent time calling around business and agencies last week.

All assets of Clicks remain with the administrator. Nothing has been moved to Kingswood, though clearly as the administrator seeks to maximise the value of these, this may change.

The focus now is on building the Kingswood business. “I always wanted someone to lead the large format business,” says Long. “He is the pick of the bunch.”

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Alan Rigglesford joins Rob Long

Alan Rigglesford joins Rob Long

Alan Rigglesford cements the deal to join Rob Long, group managing director of Kingswood iOptus above its Clifton Street premises in London EC2 this morning. After the administration of Clicks, Rigglesford had numerous offers to pick through, but the opportunity at Kingswood was always favoured.

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